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of Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians

- A IVª Minga for Latin American Journals, for 2014, is already in movement.
They are 15 the authors participanting. The «packet» of texts was already sent to the 11journals which asked it;
they will be publishing the texts gradually in paperl. Interested journals, please, contact.

- The III Minga'2013 for Latin American Journals ended succesfully it way.
Monographic on «Theology of Liberation, 40 years old: assessement and perspectives»,
promoted by this Latin American Theological Commission, and coordinated by Marcelo BARROS and José María VIGIL.
16 were the journals which adhered and participated:
CHRISTUS (México DF), QUAERENS (Guadalajara, México), SENDEROS (San José, Costa Rica), AMIGO DEL HOGAR (Dominicana),
CAMINOS (Cuba), VÍNCULUM (CRC, Bogotá), SPÍRITUS (Ecuador), CAMINAR (Bolivia),
REB (Petrópolis, Brasil), HORIZONTES (Belo Horizonte, Brasil), VIDA PASTORAL (Argentina), ENSAYOS TEOLÓGICOS (Paraguay),
At the end of 2013, year in which it was published in paper (see here a partial register of all paper published texts),
has been published also digitally in the EATWOT's theological journal VOICES
(pick here up your copy, of December'2013),
aswell as by HORIZONTES, of the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, of December'2013.

Download the bilingual 2006-2012 Activities Report of EATWOT's Latin American Theological Commission.

• Latin American Theological Consultation on Religion. Was held, in collaboration with the PUC-Minas, at Belo Horizonte, September 12-14, 2011,
within its International Simposium . Papers will be published soon in the first issue of VOICES of 2012.

• Second Colective Issue of Latin American Theological Journals (2011),
an initiative of Latin American Theological Commission, took part these Journals:
Christus (México), Alternativas (Nicaragua), Caminos (Cuba),
Senderos (Costa Rica), La Antigua (Panamá), Franciscanum (Colombia), Vínculum (Colombia, enero-marzo 2011),
Spíritus (Ecuador), Horizonte (Brasil). Vida Pastoral (Buenos Aires: once textos, uno cada mes), Acción (Paraguay),
Ensayos Teológico
s (Paraguay, septiembre 2011),
REB (Petrópolis, Brasil, nª 283, julho 2011), Horizonte (PUC-Minas,Belo Horizonte, número digital, último número de 2011) among others.
As planned, this collective issue was published in digital VOICES-2011-4 and is available on line.

• First Colective Issue of Latin American Theological Journals (2010)
Seventeen Latin American theological Journals joined the first collective issue,
by publishing, throughout 2010, a collective issue on the global ecological urgency,
initiative and service of the Latin American Theological Comission..
Journals which joined the initiative were:
Christus (Mexico, nº 777 abril 2010), Voces del Tiempo (Guatemala), Alternativas (Nicaragua, nº 38, diciembre 2009),
Amigo del Hogar (Dominican Republic), La Antigua (USMA of Panamá), Vínculum (Colombia, n. 238 marzo 2010),
Franciscanum (nº 154, dicimbre 2010, Colombia), Páginas (Peru), REB (Petrópolis, Brazil, 277/70/2010), Perspectiva (Belo Horizonte, Brazil),
Tiempo Latinoamericano (Argentina),Vida Pastoral (Argentina), Acción (Paraguay, marzo 2010),
OBSUR (Uruguay, .º 41 diciembre 2010), Soleriana (Uruguay) and Pastoral Popular (Chile).
Also the digital review Especial Ecodes, of Spain.

As planned, this collective issue was published in digital format by VOICES-2011-1and is available on line.

Lounched the fifth volume which completes a whole theological series:
«Along the Many Paths of God»
entitled «Toward a Planetary Theology»

simultaneously published by the Latin American and the International Theological Commissions,
edited by José Maria VIGIL, with the participation of
M. Amaladoss (India), M. Barros (Brazil), A. Brighenti (Brazil), E.K-F. Chia (Malaisya), A. Egea (Spain),
P. F. Knitter (USA), D. R. Loy (USA), L. Magesa (Tanzania), J. Neusner (USA), I.A. Omar (EEUU), T. Okure (Nigeria),
R. Panikkar (India-Spain), P.C. Phan (Vietnam-USA), A. Pieris (Sry Lanka), R. Renshaw (Canada),
J.A. Robles (Costa Rica), K.L. Seshagiri (USA), A.M.L. Soares (Brazil) y F. Teixeira (Brazil).

Published in the «Tiempo Axial» collection. Download a flyer.
It is already on the street, and on the Net.
Information/orders to: Dunamis Publishers, of Montreal, Canada.

• See the whole Series «Along the Many Paths of God»
published in four languages: English, in Spanish, in Portughese or en Italian.

Several of these books are digital and can be picked up freely.

Aditional Books
Also here you can pick up some of them for free.

Commentaries, suggestions, criticisms: Contact

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